About PSS 2023

Professional Students’ Summit (PSS) is Kerala’s largest and most diverse congregation of professional students from varied disciplines and institutions to put forth ideas to build a better Kerala. Noted academicians and industrialists will share their inspiring stories of success to encourage students to excel in their chosen fields, and inspire them to seize opportunities that arise in the state and the country.

The government initiated PSS through the State Planning Board and the Department of Higher Education in 2019. GoK had assigned ASAP Kerala as the official organiser of the event.

PSS 2023 is being hosted on the special interest of the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Kerala, who believes that by bringing together professionals who have already carved out a niche for themselves and the state, and students aspiring to establish careers in the same field, the latter will draw inspiration to aim for a promising future. The objective is to initiate a conversation on sustainable career choices, and inspire students to excel in whatever they aspire for and seize every prospect that comes their way to create a competent Kerala and foster a knowledge economy.
Over 2,000 professional students from 2nd to 4th semesters of 300 colleges of Medicine, Law, Engineering, Management, Agriculture, Fisheries and Veterinary streams will congregate to hear from Industry Icons.

The summit, envisaged by our Hon’ble Chief Minister, Shri Pinarayi Vijayan, was designed to be a platform for the young professional students of Kerala to motivate them to achieve high excellence in their chosen field of study. Every discipline experiences a number of changes over time, so it’s imperative to edify our students to keep up with those changes. To achieve this, conversations with individuals of outstanding excellence who have deeper theoretical and practical knowledge in their respective disciplines are crucial. This will elevate our students’ ability to reason, and give them access to newer opportunities and experiences.

The state government has collated a list of academics and professionals from a variety of fields of study who will reawaken the passion and drive in our students, and introduce them to the possibilities of making a positive impact on society in general and the state in particular. Student participation in the summit will enable development to reach all spheres and sectors of the community. Through their contributions, the students can lobby the government to advance the state’s development. The experience gathered at the summit will undoubtedly broaden avenues for students and aid them in improving themselves, their community, and the state’s economy.